Benko 50pk Beef Sticks with Garlic Dog Chews


$27.99 CAD 

Benko - 50pk Beef Sticks with Garlic Dog Chews. Canadian Made!

A savoury lean treat or training aid for your dog.

A recipe made from time honoured European techniques and artisanal style, Benko Sticks are prepared one by one with real meat and a hint of garlic for the classic flavour dogs have been loving for over 20 years!

*Please note, Benko Pet Foods makes safe, healthy & tasty treats using fresh ingredients and NO PRESERVATIVES.

It is imperative that these products are handled & stored properly. This means that once you receive your products, it must be taken out of the box as soon as possible to allow proper airflow, or used immediately. It should be in a cool dry environment. Please do not leave them in a fridge, a freezer, or a shut container with no airflow etc.

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