Leucillen Antiseptic Skincare 150ml


$17.99 CAD 

Recommended for Tear Stains, Itchy Skin, Rashes, Hot Spots and Minor Skin Ailments

Depending on ailment type results can be seen as early as 3 days

Great for :

  • Tear Stains
  • Paw Biting
  • Skin Itching
  • Hot Spots
  • Cysts
  • Eye Infections
  • Minor Skin Wounds
  • Directions of use : Spray very generously to the affected area twice – three times daily. Do not wipe dry. Leave to soak.

    Safe to use close to eyes and ears and can be ingested without causing harm. i.e if another dog licks it off .


    Results times vary depending on condition. Use twice daily regardless of condition for optimum results.

    Tear today gone tomorrow!
    This product is the latest and greatest to be approved by our Doggy Detectives. It is simply amazing and proved very effective on those unsightly tear stains and it makes any itching stop within 24-48 hours or use.

    Made using the only non toxic ingredients, it is 100% safe to use on sensitive areas such as around eyes, cuts and open wounds and is completely harmless to be ingested where domestic pets are likely to lick at treated areas. This amazing solution kills germs instantly by destroying the bacteria on contact, making it ideal for many skin and fur ailments including tear stains and hot spots. Leucillin mimics the bodies’ own immune system by containing the active ingredient Hypochlorous (HOCl); this is a natural occurring chemical in your pooches body that is produced by white blood cells to fight infection caused by invading pathogens.

    Hypochlorous is one of the most effective and efficient biocides known to man. Hypochlorous is a natural chemical already existing in your dogs body, pooches prone to skin sensitively with other products should not suffer any adverse reactions.

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