Big Country Raw Skinless Turkey Necks 2lbs

big country raw

$7.49 CAD 

Unfortunately, we do not ship frozen items at this time. Local customers can still order online and pick up in store.

2 lb (4-5 pieces )

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Free Range Turkey
  • Low in Fat
  • Good for big dogs and serious chewers
  • Excellent Dental Benefit
  • Good physical and mental exercise
  • Raw Meaty Bones can make up 30% of entire diet.

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*Seasonally Turkey Necks will be smaller September thru January.  This is because our Turkey Supplier processes whole turkeys for Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are only able to source Turkey Necks from Hens (female turkeys) and these are much smaller.    January thru September the Turkey Necks will be from Toms (male turkeys) and will be larger and typically 2 pieces per bag. 

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