Boreal 3 Seasons Natural Health Supplement for Dogs


$33.49 CAD 




Natural herb products to create a new host environment that is uncomfortable for fleas and ticks.

Many consumers do not like putting strong chemicals on their pets.

Neem Leaves: specifically the oil they contain,  will repel and outright kill fleas as well as other insects such as mosquitoes.  It makes the blood taste ‘bitter to these blood-sucking insects.It is also antibacterial.

Andrographis:  as with Neem, Andrographis makes the blood taste bitter;  the andrographilide constituent will also  kill the larvae (immature form) and ova(eggs) of insects.

Yarrow:   the essential oils in  Yarrow will work their way out to the skin and  leave a scent that  repulses fleas and ticks

Diatomaceous Earth:   since both fleas and ticks are blood sucking insects, they will ingest the microscopic   particles  of Diatomaceous Earth; this will  shred their internal organs and structure.

Canadian Government approved: NN.A4H7

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