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Canine Cooler® Pet Bed

Canine Cooler® Pet Bed offers long-lasting cooling comfort which absorbs your pet's body heat.

SoothSoft Innovations' extremely cushy design, uses foam and fluid in synergy to provide a cooling sensation with an unparalleled level of cushioning comfort. Simply add water, and the bed's design offers a lasting cooling effect that your pet will love. The SoothSoft Comfort Technology requires no refrigeration and works at room-temperature. The Canine Cooler® Pet Bed has a foam core and an extra thick and puncture-resistant vinyl covering. Especially beneficial as ongoing healthy therapy for any pet suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, obesity, post surgery recovery, etc.



  • long-lasting cooling effect
  • no refrigeration necessary - simply add water
  • works at room temperature
  • foam core
  • extra thick, puncture-resistant vinyl covering
  • use indoors, outdoors, or in the crate when traveling

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