Cool Horse Liquid-Vet Joint Formula


$69.49 CAD 


Does your horse have a hard time moving freely after a long trail ride? Are you tired of finding those powdered supplements pushed off to the bottom of your horse’s feeder and wasting your money? Then, fast acting, easy to feed COOL HORSE Holistic Joint Care Formula is the answer for your HORSE.

COOL HORSE Holistic Joint Care Formulas is a highly purified joint formula that contains the top four joint care ingredients (including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and even Hyaluronic Acid) available all in a single easy to use formula. In addition, COOL HORSE Holistic Joint Care Formulas do not contain fillers or sugar, which have been known to trigger laminitis.

There is no mixing required for this tasty alternative to powders, and COOL HORSE Holistic Joint Care Formulas are available in both peppermint candy and banana flavors developed especially for your equine companion.

Directions for Use
Using the supplied dosage cup, simply pour 1 ounce over your HORSE’s grain once daily.

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