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The EF-6000 is a superb, state of the art dog containment fencing system which enables you to keep one or more dogs safe in complete freedom within a perimeter that YOU define (UP TO 35 ACRES) without the need of a cumbersome containment fence. This fence is suitable for all breeds; from small to large and stubborn.

You will be able to rest assured that an unlimited number of receiver collars can be used within one perimeter to contain as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.

The EF-6000 unparalleled, advanced technology makes it adaptable to any type of terrain: open, wooded, hilly, fenced, unfenced, hot or cold!

This fence enables you easily control the size/ distance of the warning and corrections zones separate from each other from the perimeter wire.


It works by placing a discrete perimeter wire (secure up to 35 acres) is placed on the ground, buried or raised on an existing fence. This wire carries a signal from a small, digital transmitter unit. The dog wears a discrete receiver collar that receives a signal when he approaches the perimeter wire. When your dog first approaches the wire he enters the warning zone and is warned by an audio beep from the collar. As he gets closer to the wire he enters the correction zone and is corrected by small electrical impulses. As he leaves the area the impulses stop. After a few days, as the dog learns the boundary, the electrical impulses can be reduced and the collar can be used to emit sound beeps only, as a reminder.

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