Flexi Click 2 - Medium - SALE


$6.49 CAD $12.99 CAD

Innovative retractable Flexi dog lead: Compact, lightweight dog lead which clips onto the dog collar - your dog carries its own lead, you only use it when you need to.

The Flexi Click dog lead is an innovative product from Flexi, the people who invented the retractable dog lead.

The Flexi Click is unique because your dog carries its own lead. You only take hold of the dog lead when you need to. Your four legged friend can run around and you are still able to quickly take control of the situation if necessary.

This is a great product to use when walking your dog in places where dogs are allowed off the lead.

Thanks to the patented Click system you know you can react quickly if you come to a road or meet another dog. With just one click you can open up the retracted dog lead. As soon as it is safe to let your dog run around freely again, the lead can be rolled up and the casing clipped back onto the dog collar. You don’t have to carry the dog lead any more.

The Flexi Click is so small and light that medium sized and large dogs can carry it effortlessly. It comes in lengths of 0.5 m or 0.8 m, just the right length to keep your dog close to you in tricky situations.2 Sizes available:

Click 2: Length 0.8m, Dogs weight up to 20kg, Collar width 23mm, Collar thickness 5mm.

Click 3: Length 0.5m, Dogs weight up to 35kg, Collar width 30mm, Collar thickness 8mm.

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