Forza 10 - Ophthalmic Active 3.3lbs

MJM Pets

$29.99 CAD 

Forza 10 Ophthalmic Active represents the specific Active Line diet developed to help all dogs in which the intolerance symptoms occur at the ocular level, which don’t respond satisfactorily to conventional therapy.

Ophthalmic Active is recommended where food intolerances affect dogs’ eyes, inducing: conjunctivitis, dry eye, photophobia, conjunctival reddening, lachrymation and alterations in the cornea and conjunctiva.

Ophthalmic Active’s effectiveness is supported by a scientific study conducted in association with freelance Veterinarians and published in the International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine, demonstrating epiphora improvements within a few days, with a marked decrease in ocular inflammation and an improved state of corneal keratinization.

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