Fresh News® Small Animal Litter 10 liters (610 CU IN)


$10.49 CAD 

Keep your home clean and help the environment with Fresh News Small Animal Litter. Fresh News products are made from post-consumer recycled paper making this litter non-allergenic, dust free and biodegradable when composted. The moisture locking pellets and outstanding odor control work together to help neutralize habitat and litter pan odors.  Fresh News Small Animal Litter is available internationally in 10,00ccm (10 Liter) and 20,000ccm (20 Liter) packages with a zipper for easy storage.


Fresh News Small Animal Litter is made from 100% recycled paper making this litter over 99% dust free and 100% non-allergenic. That means you can worry less about the cage being clean and spend more time with your pet!  Fresh News Small Animal Litter has more volume per bag and is highly absorbent. The end result is that you can change the cage less often which means more money in your pocket!  Fresh News Small Animal Litter is non-toxic, and is safe & effective for all animals. This litter is also biodegradable when composted, so you can continue to help divert space from landfills.

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