Goli Design - Purro Churro - Organic Catnip Infused cat toy - singles

Azcor pets

$19.99 CAD 

Purro Churro cat toys are made of colorful texture cotton fabric and  synthetic filler.

  • Hand-crafted, they are infused with mixture of catnip oil (derived from USA grown organic catnip). Cats love them!

  • They are available in assortment of color combinations.

  • Each Purro Churro contains bells on both ends to make a rattle sound for extra fun!

  • Each toy is about 19" in length and 3/4" in diameter.

  • Features of the Purro Churro catnip infused toys:

    • Catnip infused using USA grown organic catnip.

    • Potent, long lasting catnip scent that is irresistable to your cat!

    • Hand-crafted using colorful, textured, cotton fabric.

    • Shape like a Churro, measuring about 19" in length.

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