Grassroots Crisps Dog Snacks - Free Range Chicken Liver

pet science

$7.49 CAD 
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  • NEW! 100% All Natural Ingredients ensures you can feed your best friend the same great food ingredients you eat.
  • FUNCTIONAL! Made with coconut oil so you can give your dog all of the health benefits of coconut oil including improved digestion, clear skin, healthy coats, and reduced allergic reactions - In one easy step!
  • OUSTANDING! Made with Organic Ingredients so you can feed your dog only the best treats so they can live long, healthy, and happy lives - Effortlessly!
  • UNCOMON! Made with free range chicken liver, grassfed beef liver and naturally raised turkey liver, which allows you to give your pet a variety of treats that have the highest nutritional content possible - Just like the best dog owners do!
  • BREAKTHROUGH! These treats are not made with grain which reduces issues with allergies that can be associated with feeding your dog treats that are made with grain.

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