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$1,004.00 CAD 


 1 enclosure (46"D x 48"L x 96"H)
- 7 adjustable shelves
- 6 planks of cedar for the floor
- 1 door (24"W x 60"H)
- Pliers, fasteners and instructions.

These 13 enclosure kits are pre-designed do-it-yourself enclosure kits. Created using some of our more popular design ideas, they are pre-boxed and ready to ship. Step by step instructions are included, as well as Our cat enclosures are sturdy, escape-proof & maintenance free.

These are not cat cages, pens or cat runs, but cat enclosure systems that enhance your cat's life. all the hardware you need. If you require any assistance, we're only a phone call or email away.

All units are:

  • Made of powder-coated galvanized steel suited to all climates, from salt air to high sierra.
  • Closed on all sides, top and bottom, so your cat can't get out and predators can't get in. They let your cat enjoy the outdoors in a safe, controlled environment, free from falls, predators and traffic.
  • Fitted with escape-proof door latches that have no spring mechanism so they will not pinch your cat's paws, and they can be padlocked on the outside for added security.

Shipping in Ontario is usually around $160 but we will call you with a quote.

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