JWalker - Dog Harness - Black


$56.25 CAD 
Available for pre-order

This new revolutionary tool has been designed to work for Dog Owners like you!
Functionality for YOU, Learning for YOUR DOG. This harness offers a unique opportunity for Dog Owners to redirect their dog’s focus with minimal effort and provides an opportunity to reward the dog for appropriate behaviour.
The JWalker is a unique product like no other on the market. Most harnesses on the market offer either front attachment, back attachment or neck attachment for the leash. The JWalker pioneers an entirely new class of harness—‘side/shoulder attachment’.
The JWalker is handmade from premium tubular climbing webbing and will not cause irritation, burning or chafing of the dog’s skin like other materials.
The purchase of our harness includes a detailed tutorial video from Canine Behaviour Expert Jessica O'Neill.
Pet Intel.'s JWalker encompasses the three pillars of Pet Intel's Philosophy: REAL, Balanced, Smart.
REAL- A tool designed to work for all dogs and dog owners in REAL LIFE environments and situations.
BALANCED- Functions using all four elements of Operant Conditioning WITHOUT EXCESS use of *punishment.
*(No piece of equipment we use on our dogs will function without some element of discomfort, we believe in a balanced approach to coaching without the use of extreme methods or painful tools.)
SMART-Designed by industry professionals using SCIENCE-BASED technologies and research.
The JWalker uses the principles of a martingale collar in the form of a harness.
This harness is designed with two martingale features, one on each shoulder, across the chest strap.
There is a clip attachment on both sides of the chest strap so the handler may choose to walk the dog on either side.
When the dog pulls forward, the tension on the leash pulls the martingale loop taut, which makes the chest strap smaller and tighter causing the far shoulder to be pulled toward the leash attachment.
This tension causes the dog to turn back towards the handler allowing the handler to redirect the dog's focus and reward their recovery (the ceasing of pulling).
When properly sized the harness will fit comfortably, when the dog pulls the constriction of the harness will cause slight discomfort until tension is released.
This product is not intended to be used with any force by the handler. The dog will control the amount of tension on the harness based on the amount of pulling.
The handler need only to remain grounded or possibly step backward while continuing to hold the leash.

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