Classy Small Kitty Playground Sale


$159.99 CAD 

The Animal Treasures Small Kitty Playground is a fun-filled activity center designed to engage and entertain your fabulous felines. This affordable and easy-to-assemble unit provides a healthy outlet for your cats' natural instincts and behaviors. It encourages exercise, play, and rest to promote happier and healthier cats. It also helps to prevent kitty boredom which can lead to destructive behaviors. Ideal for single cat households.

The Small Kitty Playground comes with a tubular PVC frame with befitting leopard-print accents. It pieces together in minutes without the use of tools, and offers the following value-adding features:

  • Private ground-level hideout
  • Covered second-level landing with removable cushion
  • Durable burlap ramp and awning
  • Sisal-wrapped scratching post
  • Three rattling pom pom teasers

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