MOZI-Q for Pets


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Mozi-Q is a homeopathic formula in the form of a chewable pill.
Ingredients: What's in it?
Mozi-Q is a formula containing five homeopathic remedies:
Ledum palustre
Urtica urens
They are in low C and D potencies, thereby acting at the physical level for their common indication, to reduce the frequency and severity of insect bites.

Is Mozi-Q for Pets safe?
Yes, Mozi-Q for Pets has been approved by the Low Risk Veterinary Health Products Interim Notification Program for use on cats, dogs, and horses. It is non-toxic and doesn't react with medications or herbs.
What pets can it be used on?
Mozi-Q for Pets can be used on cats, dogs, and horses
What bugs does it work on?
It is effective on blood-biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks, and black flies. 
Does it smell, or will anything ooze from my pets skin?
There is no smell, and the only thing that will be apparent to you is blood-biting insects such as mosquitoes and ticks not making a banquet of your pet. If your pet does get a bite, it will also help to promote skin health.
What is the best way to give Mozi-Q for Pets?
Many pets will be able to simply chew the tablet, but if you are not able to get your pet to do so, you can dissolve the tablet in their water.
Do I need to use a larger dose if I have a big dog?
No, the same dose will be effective on dogs of all sizes.
Do I need to use a larger dose on a horse?
We have found that two tablets per day is the ideal dose for horses.
Are there any side effects?
Is it B Vitamins?
Are there contraindications?
It sounds like it would be full of chemicals, is it?
Homeopathic medicine is by definition non- toxic. The plant chemicals that go into it are diluted to non-toxic levels. 
Not intended as food. Homeopathy is non-toxic. Not for use in horses intended for food as a withdrawal period has not been established.

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