No Stay! Furniture Spray for Dogs



No Stay!™ helps train dogs to stay off the furniture and other undesired areas. When used as directed it discourages canines from returning to the treated area. Pet Organics No Stay!™ is a special blend of natural herbs that most dogs find displeasing and prefer to avoid.





Mint (0.84%), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (0.74%), Garlic Oil (0.63%), and Clove Oil (0.53%). Purified Water, Glycerin, and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (total inerts 97.26%)





Shake product before each use. Spray No Stay!™ on areas you want pets to stay off. Before using product test on small inconspicuous area of surfaces. Reapply No Stay!™ daily or as needed depending on the severity of your pet’s habit.


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