Odokill - Concentrated Deodorizer


$7.89 CAD 

Odokill quickly destroys offensive odors at their source: not a masking agent - no disinfectant smell. Concentrated for economy. Mild: No harsh alkalies or acids, petroleum distillate, phenol, mercury or other heavy metals. Non-staining, non-flammable. May be used around animals, including puppies and kittens. The effectiveness of Odokill depends on it's reaching the source of the odor. Dilution rates may vary; general recommendations are listed below:

Indoor use: For general deodorizing, dilute one ounce (2 Tbs.) of Odokill to each gallon of water and apply with sponge or sprayer. For small jobs, add 1 Tbs. of Odokill to a pint of water and apply in a spray bottle and use as needed. When mopping floors, add one ounce of Odokill per gallon of rinse water. For cleaning and deodorizing in one easy step, we recommend the use of Odokleen Deodorizing Cleaner. For heavily contaminated areas, after cleaning dilute 2 ounces of Odokill per gallon of water and apply. For spot treatment, apply undiluted a few drops at a time.

Outdoor use: Dilute one ounce (2 Tbs.) of Odokill per gallon of water and spray on any type of surface (concrete, gravel, wood, soil) Hose-end sprayers are especially recommended. Caution: Avoid use around plants! Repeat application in two weeks and then as necessary. Areas contaminated by animal waste or other organic matter should be sprayed after each cleaning.

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