Petlinks - Bird Cage


$19.99 CAD 


The motion-activated rolling Bird Cage doubles as a chirping plush toy that cats love to chase. It's great for indoors and will keep your cat occupied for hours. The good times keep rolling with the unique Bird Cage motion-activated chirping sound toy. A small, plush bird toy suspended in the center of the colorful cage-ball bursts into song when the ball is pushed an rolled by your cat. The bird-sound module chirps as long as the ball is moving but is silent when the toy is at rest. Long-lasting battery activates chirping sound for up to 8000 activations.

  • Cats love to chase the chirping bird
  • Real feathers excite cats
  • Bird sound activated by rolling motion
  • Includes button cell battery
  • Size: 5.5" in diameter

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