Polkadog Clam Chowda Dog Treat 5 oz


$14.99 CAD 

At Polkadog, we’re obsessed with quality and sustainability. We’re always looking for innovative ways to create new treats that are good for your pet and good for the planet. That means sourcing raw materials conscientiously from good people doing good work in our own backyard. Clams are one of the most sustainable protein sources in the ocean. They’re high in Omega fatty acids, low in calories, and filter the water they live in to feed. Low impact and delicious. A perfect steward for the earth, and a perfect recipe for a Polkadog creation. Polkadog was founded for a one-eyed rescue dog named Pearl. We wanted to make the best treats we could for a great dog that definitely deserved it. We think your dog deserves it, too. • Handmade in the USA in Small Batches • Sustainably Harvested • Earth Friendly! • Atlantic Ocean Quahog • 100% Natural • 3 Ingredients That's It! • Additive free • Slowly Dehydrated

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