Pouch Mates


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Cute and Floppy, Plush Dog Toys
Your dog will love these soft Aussie mates, each one has their baby stuffed inside their pouch.

These toys are designed to enhanced play time and help reduce boredom, make a fun game by squeaking the baby then popping it into the mama's pouch then let your dog retrieve him out again.

You can even try placing your dogs favourite dry treats inside the pouch for more fun. The main toy has 2 squeakers and the baby has one, they are very soft and quite floppy so would make an excellent toy for puppies

Features of the Pouch Mates Toy from Charming Pets
• Multiple Squeakers. 
• Low Stuffing. 
• Different types of Animals to choose from. 
• Soft and Floppy great for Puppy's.

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