RawPaw New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel


$42.00 CAD 

One of the top supplements to assist dogs with joint problems, Green Lipped Mussels are native to the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand. They feed on subarctic plankton which have developed special antioxidant defences against radiation, and these defences are then passed on the Green Lipped Mussels. The result can be significant improvements in the swelling, inflammation, and mobility problems which are associated with arthritis. The powder extracted from the Mussels contains protein, Omega 3s, glucosomine, and mitochondria to reduce inflammation. This is one of the most researched anti inflammatories known to natural medicine and we are pleased to offer it to you in our online store!

Recommended Dose:

Quantity per unit: 1,000 mg per scoop, 250 mg per 1/4 scoop

(with included scoop)

Dogs: 1/4 scoop (250 mg) per 10 kg of body weight

Administer orally once daily for maintenance.


CAUTION: Not for use in pregnant or lactating animals. Not for use in animals with lung or liver disorders. 


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