Safemade Flexi-Bowl - Medium -


$12.50 CAD 

Stuff it, pack it, roll it…no matter what you do, the flexi-bowl™ bounces right back into its cute paw shape. Perfect for the pet traveler, or as a fun dish at home, flexi-bowl™ is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and disinfecting. It’s even OVEN safe—so go ahead and bake treats inside—for your pet—or yourself!

Made of extra durable food grade silicone, the flexi-bowl™  is safe for use in the dishwasher to clean and sanitize.  And as with all safemade™ products, the flexi-bowl™  is safety tested to FDA food contact and children’s toy standards—so you know it’s not only safe for your pet, but for every member of your family.

Small Size: 6" diameter

2 cup capacity

Medium Size: 7.5" diameter

4.5 cup capacity

Large Size: 9" diameter
7 cup capacity


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