Shedrow K9 Wonder Mat

Katies Pet Goods

$34.99 CAD 
SKU: 625071010286

This mat is the perfect pet bed for your K9 friend! Foam layers of varying density offer superior support and comfort while maintaining a thin profile. This thin design makes it versatile for many uses, perfect to use in a crate at home, and small and light weight enough to take traveling or camping. This is in addition to being machine washable make it the perfect mat for you and your K9 companion! The outermost layer is non-absorbent and allows moister to drain out, while the base layer is dense and waterproof to prevent moisture from seeping in. The foam interior is designed to stay structurally firm even with extended use. The Shedrow Wonder Mat is available in 3 sizes making it versatile for most dogs! 


  • Thin profile
  • Foam layers of varying density
  • Waterproof base layer
  • Non-absorbent outer layer
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 3 sizes

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