Pet Loo - Your Backyard in a Box - Small - Kitty Cat - SALE


$39.99 CAD $143.99 CAD


ideal for

 -apartment dwellers

-townhouse dwellers

-nursing home residents

-grass free backyards

-plush garden owners

-colder climates

-the elderly

-boaters & Campers

-pets that are old, sick, disabled or recovering from surgery

Features include

-easy to use

-easy & quick to clean

-no spills

-no mess

-holds weight of 500kg

-fully assembled-grass included

Convenient, portable pet toilet for use almost anywhere

  • Appealing to dogs and cats - feels like real grass
  • Use with Pee Pods to absorb urine immediately, insuring no odours
  • Full line of cleaning products insure that your Pet Loo is always clean and fresh
  • 20" x 17.7"
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