Urban Wolf Puppy Balancer - 500g


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URBAN WOLF Balancer (For Puppies Under 12 Months Old) - To be used with Urban Wolf Grain-Free Base Mix.
Puppies and pregnant/lactating female dogs have different nutritional needs than adult dogs.  Mineral & antioxidant rich Balancer is to be added to our Urban Wolf recipe to instantly convert it into puppy food (or is an excellent diet for pregnant or lactating female dogs).

Urban Wolf + Balancer offers your puppy the finest diet for the best start in life.  It is excellent for all dogs, all breeds and is particularily suitable for large & giant breeds as it promotes healthy slow growth over the first year allowing for proper growth and formation of bones, joints and connecive tissue.  Dogs do not suffer from HOD, Panno or other puppy growth syndromes while on Urban Wolf + Balancer.  It has been used successfully on breeding dogs for over 10 years from toys to giant breeds. Treat your puppy to the best possible start in life.

All-Natural Ingredients: Natural Calcium Carbonate, Blueberries, Cranberries, Cultured/Goat Milk Powder, Parsley.
InstructionsPlease add 2 tbsp Balancer per lb. meat in Urban Wolf recipe.  Use until 12 months old.

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