Wellies - Dog Boots - Green


$23.89 CAD 


Introducing Wellies, the super stylish yet ultra-functional dog boot! Similar to the British Wellington Boots, these dog boots are made to protect your dog’s paws from rain, snow, salt, mud, and tough city sidewalks. Wellies are designed with a soft and durable silicone rubber, making them not only waterproof but flexible and comfortable too! The ultra-wide opening and Velcro securing strap takes the stress out of putting them on. Did we mention that they are totally adorable too! With the Wellies boots, your dog will stay light on his feet in all terrains!

  • Weatherproof in snow, rain and mud
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Snow and Salt protection
  • easy-on design
  • secured with a strap
  • non-slip sole
  • stylish

Available in 5 different sizes: XS(3-8#), S(7-12#), M(10-17#), L(15-25#), XL(20-30#)

Red, Black, Green (select sizes in all colors)

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