Prescribed Animal Wellness - Wild Health Herbal Mix - 200g

Prescribed Animal Wellness

$28.99 CAD 

Formulated to help mimic what domesticated and wild dogs tend to forage for when presented with the opportunity. This formulation is designed to increase nutrients that are found in nature, such as the bentonite clay which improves intestinal regularity, relieves chronic constipation diarrhea, increases resistance to infections, removes intestinal parasites, relieves allergy symptoms, eliminates anemia, neutralizes allergens. From the fibre in the cherry stems, or the rhizome in couch grass (the grass you see your dog eating in the spring), each ingredient is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, beta-carotene, betaine, biotin, boron, chlorophyll, alpha-linoleic acid, oryzanol, silica and the tocopherols that make up vitamin E, all come together to provide a nutritious and medicinally beneficial supplement for dogs.

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