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  1. Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up Supplement

    from $1.05 CAD

    Our pumpkin supplement is a great source of heathy fiber helping to support your best friend's digestive system. Weruva combines the heathy digestive benefits of pumpkin in an easy to serve pouch
  2. Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen - Love Me Tender

    from $2.26 CAD

  3. Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Pouch

    $2.26 CAD

    Inspired by our love for our three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi, Vanessa (WeRuVa), we decided to manufacture pet food that we felt comfortable feeding to them as well as one that they would love. As cats are obligate carnivores without...
  4. Weruva - Meow Luau Cat Food

    from $2.03 CAD

    With mackerel and pumpkin in gravy Hula mackerel! Bring your leis and get your dance on! Made with a touch of pumpkin to help with digestion and loaded with omega-3. Grain free Gluten free
  5. Weruva Steak Frites Dog Food

    from $3.29 CAD

    For all you French lovers out there... even the finickiest of dogs don't turn their nose up at this all beef treat... mixed with hearty sweet potatoes, carrot and pumpkin... chez magnifique!
  6. Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites Cat Food

    from $2.72 CAD

    For all you French lovers out there... even the finickiest of cats don't turn their nose up at this grass fed beef treat... mixed with hearty sweet potatoes and pumpkin... chez magnifique!
  7. Weruva Grandma's Chicken Soup Dog Food

    from $3.17 CAD

    Just like Grandma used to make... home cooked boneless, skinless white breast meat with good ole' veggies in soup. Made with love and chicken free of added antibiotics and hormones, and also cage free. Brings back some good memories!
  8. Weruva Marbella Paella Canned Cat Food

    from $2.03 CAD

    If you can’t bring your cat to Spain, bring Spain to your cat! Rich in Omega-3’s, let kitty enjoy a paella mix of mackerel flakes, whole calamari, baby shrimp and mussels. Everything ut the kitchen sink. Fabulosa!
  9. Weruva Truluxe Pretty In Pink Cat Food

    from $2.72 CAD

    Wild caught pink salmon in gravy. Loaded with Omega-3s for healthy skin and coat. May your princess be Pretty In Pink… and don’t forget, real princes wear pink too!  
  10. Weruva - Outback Grill

    from $2.26 CAD

    With trevally and barramundi Howdy mate! Get your taste of Australian seafood here. Made with exotic Australian seafood including barramundi, an Australian sea bass and trevally, a reef dweller. Like a boomerang your cat will keep coming back for more....
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