Essex Cottage Farms Kidney/Liver Support 5 k - 11 lb

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$79.99 CAD 

Now you have an alternative to expensive prescription diets 
you get from your VET.   Our therapeutic diets were developed 10 years ago 
and have been proven successful through Vet testing. 
We encourage you to keep your Vet informed of your dog's progress 
& schedule regular testing if necessary. 

  All Natural Dog Food
.          KIDNEY DIET: 
             PHOSPHORUS REDUCED        

This diet was developed for dogs with kidney or renal problems. 

 It has the same excellent quality as our other Health Food Diets except this one has reduced minerals & protein & recommends fresh food alternatives to preserve your dog's kidneys.  

It allows your ailing dog to eat the healthiest diet at the same time taking the stress of the kidneys.

We recommend using ECF Garden Vegetables & ECF Pure Sea Kelp with this diet.

***Please have your vet monitor your dog's progress

HEALTH TIP: If your dog has a history of chronic Bladder Infections or struvite crystal formation, it could lead to kidney problems later in life.  Have your vet run annual BUN & kidney function tests.   As a preventative, go on a low Protein/low Phosphorus KIDNEY DIET.

                                 KIDNEY DIET
    Phosphorus Reduced Adult Hypoallergenic Health Diet

INGREDIENTS:  Human grade stone ground: whole brown rice, whole oats, whole millet seed, sprouted barley, apple, pure Acadian sea kelp, whole ground carob, rice germ, calcium carbonate (organic shell), ginger root, parsley, oregano, marjoram

As compared to premium Kibble, fully prepared using 5 cups mix & 1 lb. regular ground meat + 1/4 lb. fish & 2 eggs.  We have a range of protein levels with this diet.  Our analysis was done on the Lowest level available for this diet, for dogs with severe kidney problems>.  You can use from 2lb - 1 lb of regular fatted ground meat.  You should use the maximum level of protein your dog can use (tests will indicate this).  As your dog ages or needs change, you reduce the amount of protein.
This diet has been clinically tested for effectiveness.

Moisture: 0%
Protein: 9.44- 15% variable
Fat: 10-20% variable
Calcium: 1
Phosphorus: .25 variable
Magnesium: .02%
Sodium: .15
Fiber: .75%

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