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Great Deals on Pet Supplies in our BLOWOUT!

Looking for great deals on pet supplies? Look no further - we have amazing deals on pet supplies 50 - 90% off everyday! I've picked just a few to show you the kind of deals you can find online at

1) Rogz Tango Paws Flat Podz over 60% off. I love this bed because it is dirt and water resistant and lasts forever!

2) Pet Loo over 60% off! These are great for small dogs in the winter, cats who have litterbox issues, or senior/ill pets, basically any apartment dweller.

3) Leash Lockets are 75% off! These are the best item you can invest in for anyone who walks their dog in an off-leash park.

4) B.F.F. Cat Cans are only 99 cents! What a smokin' good deal for the kitty cats!

5) Weruva Variety Pack of 24 dog cans are $49.99! That comes to just over $2 per can! It will keep your dogs interested with the wide array of flavours.

6) Pet Gear creates are over 60% off! Xsmall starts at $29.99 and mediums are only $49.99!

7) JW Slide 'n Treat Toys are 50% off and the treats that go along with them are only $1.99!

8) Safemade treat trays are 50% off. These great toys and treat trays meet the kid-safe standards!

9) Classic Flexi leashes are 50% off! I always have a flexi for my dog walks.

10) Rogz Sportskins and Rainskins are only $14.99 until stock runs out! These are amazing quality coats with a buckle.

Homemade or Pre-Mixes?

You may be aware that there are so many options for pet food these days. One of these options you may not know much about is the dehydrated category of foods. Of these we have two that are the most popular: Urban Wolf and Honest Kitchen. Urban Wolf is made in Ontario, 🇨🇦 Canada. Their food requires very little effort; however you must purchase the meat or fish, as well as a fish oil. Next in the list is the Honest Kitchen which comes in a number of formulas and is made in the US. With this food there is no additional ingredients required. It really can't get any simpler. Add water and "Bob's your uncle!".

Another line of foods is the freeze dried category. You can again buy Canadian from Orijen freeze dried, or you can buy American with Stella and Chewy's or Primal. With any of these options you simply add water and voila!

The advantage to freeze dried or dehydrated is convenience and taste. It is great for owners who are travelling, if you are feeding raw it is a great alternative, and if you have finicky pets...freeze dried foods have better taste for senior, ill or pregnant animals.


Great Valentines Gifts for the Dog-Lover or Cat-Lover in Your Life!

Are you wondering what to get for your significant other? If they are a pet-lover you are set. Natural Pet Foods has a wide array of dog, cat and horse themed giftware.

Whether it is a mug for enjoying coffee in the morning or a beautiful cat-scarf you will find that purr'fect item in the gift lover section of the site!



If you visit their Carleton Place location, or browse online, you will find many great jewelry finds like Chelsea Pewter pins, necklaces, earrings and more! And if you are a collector of snap jewelry, they carry clutch bags, sunglasses, bracelets and earrings that you can personalize with cat, dog, horse or other pins. What a great way to "make" a unique and thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day!

They have a huge selection of artwork geared specifically at the dog, cat and horse lover. Whether you want a large piece for your living room, or some smaller pieces for the bathroom, they have a great selection of artwork, plaques, pillow slips and more to help decorate the home of any pet lover.



Fundamentals of Good Health!

We all want our pets to live as long as possible. That is a goal we can take some positive steps towards. What those changes might be, will be different for everyone; however, there are many simple ones that you can easily implement. 

Number one for me, is feeding the most natural diet possible. Whether this is home cooking, raw diet, home-made pre-mixes, freeze-dried, or a natural kibble will be up to you and what fits best with your lifestyle and pet(s). You can also choose to do a mix of the above by feeding kibble as a base and supplementing this with fresh foods when time allows. The best diet will be the freshest, but you can also pick the best quality kibble available and expect great results. Many foods on the market now use free-range ingredients, fresh caught produce and helpful botanicals and other beneficial foods that help keep your pet healthy. 

Next in this list for me is selecting a holistic veterinarian who looks at the whole health of your pet. Ideally this veterinarian will titer test your pet rather then repeatedly vaccinating your pet. This should help keep their immune system healthy and prevent over-vaccinating. Your holistic veterinarian can also advise you on natural remedies and homeopathic treatments to combat/prevent many ailments.

The third most important plan for good health is of course keeping a healthy mouth. Easier said then done; I know; however, keeping good dental hygiene is one of those things that will help keep your pet alive longer. When you have multiple pets you may need to opt for a product that is sprinkled on the food, like Nature's Dentist or another similar product. If you have time to do better, you can also brush the teeth. This is the gold standard in keeping the teeth free of tarter. This can be done alternating with, or in combination with, a dental gel that can be applied at night after all feeding is complete. Remember, that poor dental hygiene effects the entire animal, including the organs and all the things you don't the breath will smell better!

Fourth on my list is weight control. I feed all my cats (7 in the house) free choice dry food. I don't have anyone overweight and I also feed 4 wet meals per day. This has worked well for me; however if you have an overweight cat you should switch your kibble to a calorie controlled or "light" or "reduced-calorie" formula. To help slow feeding you can now buy treat balls, puzzles and slow feeding bowls that will slow the feeding process down and hopefully trigger a foraging game for your cat. Something I've also heard lately is that wet food helps the cat feel full. I find this makes sense to me, and it also helps increase the water intake which is beneficial to all cats. For dogs, all of the same principles apply. Remember that simply cutting back on the kibble below the recommended portion is not advisable as you may be depriving your pet of vital nutrients. Instead I'd recommend the reduced calorie food at a regular dose until ideal weight is achieved. Regular exercise is going to go hand-in-hand with this diet. I also have three large dogs that I apply this feeding practice to, with free choice kibble, and at minimum toe fresh or canned meals per day. Out of three dogs, one is overweight; however he also suffers from hypothyroidism. Getting his weight to an ideal number has been something of a problem as we have small children in the house and he has become something of a thief 😔 But we all have to recognize the things we can fix, and some may be long-term battles for us.

These four principles of good health are the things highest on my list...along with plenty of playtime, and social interaction with other animals, and of course with "their people". Plenty of fresh air, mental engagement and healthy lifestyle will hopefully get you the longest time possible with your pet. Look at that dairy farmer in Australia I think it was, whose Kelpie lived to 30. And it was 30 "good" years where the dog was active and lived in relative good health the entire time. That is my wish for my pets, and for yours!

Water Fountains....Who Needs Them?

Seems a bit silly, does it?

Well, with all the research into the amount of moisture we should be including in our own diets, as well as our pet's diet, it seems we are all lacking! For humans, we are carrying around water bottles, but for pet, how do we get them to drink more? Well, the answer is a water fountain of course!! Some pet owners may be feeding a raw diet, or a wet diet of cans, or a diet higher in moisture; however the average owner (like myself) needs to find a way to encourage more drinking. This is especially important for cats - many of us have experienced crystals with male cats, or other illnesses that an increase in water can help prevent. Of course, not all illnesses are preventable but living a healthy lifestyle with adequate hydration is a good way to stay healthy. Dr.Bekker believes most cats today are living in a state of mild dehydration. If you feed a kibble only diet, and do not give any wet food to your cat(s) it is crucial that you encourage a your cat to drink more. Introducing a water fountain to your cat is a great idea, not only will this help prevent crystals, urinary issues etc... but it will hydrate your cat and mimic the flow of water in the river, be attractive to the cat and entice a more then average intake of water.

So many options for fountains exist today, including stainless steel, ceramic, 360 degree, plastic, etc etc Take your pick and watch this become a focal point for your cats as it did for mine...and as it does for the big cats on the plains of Africa😀

Why I love Acana (and Orijen) Pet Foods!

When asked which food is my Go To food I can easily say it is Acana Pet Foods. Let me explain why I love this food line......

First of all, they make their own food. Champion Pet Foods has their own kitchens where they manufacture the food. Why is this important you might say? Well it is vitally important! These days many food companies don't make their food; they sub out the manufacturing to a company that manufactures a bunch of different foods. I love that they keep control of the manufacturing and thereby keep control of the quality.

This company never compromises the integrity of the product. When faced with shortages due to a kitchen fire, or short supply, the company chooses to manufacture less product and have fewer lines in production then to sub out their production. This way they maintain the ver high quality control we are used to expecting from Champion Pet Foods and the Acana and Orijen lines.

Next, I suppose we should talk about their key philosophies....

B.A.F.R.I.N.O is their motto; and what does it stand for? Biologically appropriate fresh regional ingredients never outsourced.


Well I've covered the never outsourced but what about regional ingredients? 

What this means is that they develop strong relationships with LOCAL farmers and know where they purchase the raw product from. This goes hand in hand with fresh ingredients from regional/local producers and farmers.

One more thing to mention is that all their products are biologically appropriate based on what is best (not cheapest) for dogs and cats.

Remember you will feed less food, with better digestion, improved health and a better looking dog or cat by feeding top quality foods made from human-grade ingredients, free range where possible, from a company that oversees the entire production process from raw ingredients to the final product. Acana and Orijen even pass the stringent EU rules for importation. 

In conclusion, I really love this food, and am proud to showcase the Acana/Orijen lines in our store and online at where we ship worldwide!

Which Dental Products are the Most Effective?

We all know February is pet dental month so it seems a great time to look into some of the dental products available for purchase at

First of all I will just say this.....

The state of your pet's teeth depends a large part on genetics, diet, personality, as well as dental routines. Some dogs are prone to tarter, some just won't gnaw on bones, others find raw diets help keep the teeth cleaner, and some just need a strict dental routine that includes brushing their teeth, while the unlucky need the ever so costly veterinarian to do the dentistry.

I have three dogs, age 8, 8, and 3. It is the 3 year old that has the worst teeth of the bunch. Most of the suggestions in this post take almost no effort at all...or maybe 2 minutes of your time. Here are some options for owners to consider..... and keep in mind that however much you can squeeze into your day is better than nothing at all. OH, and for cat owners, the same rules apply....however try the salmon flavoured PetsLife gel and experiment to see if your cat prefers a gel or a spray. BEing a cat we know they will have a preference!

#1 brushing the teeth is the gold standard where teeth are considered. If you ca't do it daily, how about once a week and offering other opins in between. For my dogs, I try to brush them when I remember/have time, and give dental bones in between. I also resort to a gel or a foam on days I am rushed.

#2 a dental gel or spray like PetzLife, Burt's Bees dental gel, or Tropiclean Dental gel are the next best thing to brushing and used together are probably better then just brushing alone. I like to apply the gel at night for the most effect, after all the eating for the day is done.


#3 a dental powder added to the food. The absolute best one l've seen is Nature's Dentist. Easy to apply you just sprinkle it on top of the food and it helps promote good oral health by working with the good bacteria in the mouth.

 #4 a water additive is so easy and works moderately well but should be combined with some direct treatments. It is a great in between treatment.

#5 dental bones, antlers, smoked bones, nylabones, Gorilla chews or raw bones are a great way for the dog to grind the tarter off....perhaps this one should be higher on the list.... some cats will even chew on a nylabone!

 #6 dental treats and toys like Greenies, Whimzee, Twistix, N-Bones, Himalayan Chews, Indigenous dental bones, Plaque Off treats, JW Slide 'n Treats, Natural Balance dental bones, and more are great ways to help reduce dental decay.

#7 dental food is last on the list because it plays so small a role. It is better to eat well with a top quality food then to compromise on quality ingredients in favour of a larger kibble for dental health. A great one to enter the North American market is Forza10 Oral pet food. This is an amazing quality food made by a vet in Italy 🇮🇹 to the best standards....none of the junky ingredients you are used to seeing in vet food is in Forza10. Remember, just like with humans, an apple a day won't keep the dentist at bay😸

In conclusion, I encourage you to try one, or hopefully a few of these dental remedies that will encourage good oral hygiene for your pet. Remember that dental bills at the vet start at a minimum of $600 and can be as high as $2500 or more so don't delay the single most important thing you can do in prolonging your pets life. 

Which is the Best Winter Boot for Your Dog?

Here comes winter and the snow, the ice, and the salt! Snow balls in your dogs paws, damage from salt on the roads, and the sidewalks and the freezing cold! All good reasons to invest in winter boots. Hey, we buy them for ourselves...and usually we own more then one pair (at least I do!)

So, how much should you spend, which are easiest to fit, how long will they last? These may be questions that you need answered in your search for the right product for your dog, and your budget.

Let's start with how much you should spend.... well I'd say spend more if you want to get a longer lifespan out of the boots. The less expensive boots, costs less for a reason. They are not made of the same durable and quality materials as the more costly boot. That being said, if you anticipate your dog may not wear them, or often looses his boots, you may choose to start with an inexpensive boot. A few great examples are listed below, from least expensive to the higher quality more expensive:

1) the Arctic boot, on sale for $4.99 for 4 boots (it is a blowout item). This is very much a starter boot and unlikely to last for many seasons (like the Muttluk would). For under $5, it is a great way to test the waters with your dog and see how they react to wearing boots. Remember, the best time to test is during a very cold day. The dog will appreciate the extra protection and warmth.


2) Ultra-Paws boots, on sale for 50% off. Unfortunately, we are limited in sizes, but if your dog is a size medium you are in luck! These are great quality and easy to fit. The total price for 4 boots is $17 (Durable) or $19.99 (Rugged).

3) Aussie boots, on sale for 50% off. A great durable boot, similar in style to the Ultra-Paws or the orginal Muttluks, these boots are also easy to fit and a great buy. The total price is $18.50 for 4 boots, and we also have very large sizes for Giant breeds.

Aussie Naturals Winter Boots Leather Reflective Sale

4) Wellies dog boots are another great boot made by the makers of Canada Pooch. They come in regular, or fleece lined and the price range is from $19.99 - $26.99. Unfortunately, they do not come in very large sizes right now but smaller dogs rejoice, these boots are super easy to fit.

Wellies Dog Boots Winter

5) Another super quality boot that is also CANADIAN is the Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Boot. A set of 4 boots will cost you $70.

6) Now, for those owners that want to get a great quality, CANADIAN boot made especially for our very hard winters, go for Muttluks Snow Mushers. These boots are sold in sets of 2 for $39.99-$43.99.  The reason behind this is that a dogs front feet are often a different size then the back feet. Total price for 4 boots is $80-$96.



Now, for some options that do not involve fitting your dog for a boot....

Invisible boot, and other products like it are designed to coat the foot and prevent snow balling and offer some protection from the elements and salt. They are the next best thing, when you don't have time, inclination, or a willing dog to wear the boots.

One more option that is gaining popularity is the slipper-sock for dogs. This is not designed for outdoors; it is meant for dogs that need extra protection or grip indoors. They also protect your hardwood floors. 

1) We have Lookin' Good Slipper Socks on blowout for only $2.99 for a set of 4.

2) RC Pet Pawks - Anti-Slip Socks are $10 for a set of 4.

Gifts For Humans Too!

It's always a good time to give someone a nice gift and Natural Pet Foods has some very nice items for humans too. Whether they are dog lovers, cat lovers, horse lovers, or pug lovers, we have the perfect gift.

You may not be aware of this, but we have a huge gift section that would rival any gift shop! The big difference about ours is that every gift is purr'fect for a pet lover! We have beautiful mugs, like the 4 piece cat lover mug set by McIntosh. It comes in a fancy gift box and makes a delightful house-warming, or Christmas gift.

Other items include snap jewelry, all of which is pet-themed with images of cats, dogs or horses. Beach bags, handbags, pillows, ornaments, scarves, statues, wallets, even sunglasses. You could spend hours perusing our pet-lover gift section full of great gift ideas and unusual finds. We even sell pet-lover artwork from small to large pieces of art. Visit us at 61 Bridge Street in beautiful downtown Carleton Place and prepare to be amazed. Your pet-friend will thank you!


Any dog lover will appreciate our selection of dog breed travel mugs. Each has a nice picture on the front of a specific dog breed.

gift, cup, dogs, giftware

 Other breed specific items include our 3-in-1 Bottle Ninja gifts which are coaster, bottle opener and magnet - all in one, or our breed specific pillows, or our unique Bridgman pets and Little Treasures ornaments. These gifts are sure to impress anyone and would be a delightful addition to a china display.

Enjoying spring with your pets!

We're all excited to get out and about with our furry friends but with spring also comes the much needed seasonal chores of spring cleaning and gardening. 

For many households spring-cleaning is an annual event, one that doesn't often involve your pets. However there are a number of reasons your pets should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to cleaning.

Home Cleaning Products - Almost all cleaning products contain chemicals that can be toxic to animals. Avoid harm by following the guidelines on the bottle and by storing in a safe area away from inquisitive noses. If your pet happens to ingest a cleaning product, flush out their mouth immediately and take them to see a vet. Bring the chemical with you so that they know exactly what was ingested.

If you are having a tough time cleaning pet stains and odours NATURES MIRACLE have a great range of products that provide the perfect solution for any pet mess – check them out here. 

Bedding – Just like our bedding, pet bedding will accumulate dirt and grime over time and should also be subject to some spring-cleaning. Luckily most pet beds are now machine washable – check the tag or packaging. Helpful tip: add a cup of baking soda to a cold machine wash to neutralize odour.

Collar cleaning – You may have never thought of this but a collar should also be cleaned. They can end up quite smelly and depending on the material, harbour bacteria. A great way to clean a collar is to fill a bowl with water and pet shampoo and soak the collar, scrubbing if necessary and then rinse and hang to dry. Wait until the collar is completely dry before use. If your pet's collar no longer fits, is worn or unable to be cleaned it is in the best interest of your pet to replace it. See our wide range of dog collars here and cat collars here.

Pet Allergies – Like us, pets can be allergic to dust, pollen, plants or food. Allergic reactions can cause sniffing, wheezing, coughing, scratching or in more extreme cases anaphylactic shock. Be cautious of your pets when cleaning as you are lifting dust, and be mindful of spring plants and pollen on walks. Many allergies can be remedied with a special diet or by adding natural supplements to your pets food – if you have any allergy related questions our knowledgeable staff can help you out in store.

Once the inside is clean it’s onto the outside – time to get that garden into shape.

Chemicals – fertilizers, insecticides and many bait traps for rodents, snails and slugs can contain chemicals harmful to your animal. Be mindful of the products you are using and if the area is unsafe for your animal to keep them well away.

Plants – Did you know that many common plants can be toxic to dogs? Here is a list of some of the more common plants found in gardens:







sago palm



helpful tip: To keep your dog off your flower beds or vegetable gardens scatter some orange peels - many dogs are sensitive to citrus and will stay away.

 Spring doesn’t only mean cleaning and gardening; if you’re lucky it can also mean the beginning of cottage season and trips to the lake. Here are a few tips when bringing your pet along for the ride.

Swimming – Although you may be very confident that your dog is a great swimmer if is always recommended that they wear a LIFE VEST especially while riding in the boat or at unfamiliar rivers/lakes where they could encounter a steep drop.

Bugs – Ticks are becoming more and more common and are reportedly being found in suburban backyards not just backcountry anymore. Ticks are incredibly scary as they can spread a number of diseases not just to our animals but to people too. The most effective way to protect your pet is with preventative treatment but you can also boost their protection with a NATURAL REPELLING SPRAY that acts just like our bug sprays and will keep the ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs from attacking your dogs and horses while out and about. *Available in store

First aid – Most households hold a first aid kit but have you considered purchasing a first aid kit for your pets? We carry Pet First Aid kits specifically designed with your pets in mind – perfect for weekend getaways, camping trips and long hikes.

Spring is an exciting time of year, the sun is finally shining and everyone is out and about – so get out there and enjoy your spring knowing that by following this information your pets will be safe and happy.





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