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Recovery Vegan Glucosomine - It Really Works!

Recovery Vegan Glucosomine - It Really Works!

Recently I decided to try out some Recovery joint support powder that was getting near its best buy date. I had been using it for just a few days, and last night I went to my usual cardio class. I really noticed that there was less stress on my joints doing jumps and lunges, and my arms moved more fluidly. The last point was an educational moment because previously whenever someone said joint problems I thought of my knees. Now I understand it's about the total movement of the body. I expect there to be further improvements over time. My family had previously used Recovery with an Irish Wolfhound and it made a huge difference in his mobility. 

The Recovery formula is vegan sourced from corn which makes it a little different than most shellfish derived glucosomine. Dog's who may have a shellfish allergy have nothing to worry about with this one. But lets go through some of the individual ingredients now. 

First on the ingredient list is the Nutricol bioflavenoid mix made from extracts of grape seed and green tea. The Nutricol complex decreases cell damge and trauma by strengthening the structure of an individual cell's walls. Cellular use of oxygen increases cell damaging free radicals, and Nutricol contains compounds that can reduce some of these. The result may be slowed down age related inflammation that can damage joint health. Circulation is improved, toxins in the blood are reduced, and inflammation is reduced. This creates a better healing environment. 

Under these improved conditions, joints and connective tissue have a better chance to recover from injury and maintain themselves. Each chewable tablet has a 250mg inclusion of glucosamine and has a great fruity taste to it. Grape seed extract is safe for dogs in case you had any question about that.  Here is a link to one such study.

Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of healthy joints. It's a component of cartilage which is the tough tissue that cushions them. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis which is age related and characterized by the degeneration of joints. By providing glucosamine you give your pet's body the raw materials it needs to repair itself. Recovery also contains MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane). This is a sulfur containing compound that can significantly reduce joint inflammation and thus reduce pain. The sulfur is also an important component in the maintenence of collagen and cartilege to build healthy joints. 

Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury but it can also be harmful. Inflamed joints are characterized by redness and swelling that can cause pain, and make them difficult to move. When the cell walls are damaged, harmful substances are released into the body through those cell membranes. Recovery works with a proprietary antioxidant complex called Nutricol to stabilize this membrane and reduce associated pain. It's proposed that regular use of Recovery will reduce the overall production of harmful, age accelerating free radicals with it's neutralizing antioxidants.

You can find Recovery Join Support supplements in our online store here. For the price, it's well worth trying out!






Boost Pet Health With Kelp

Boost Pet Health With Kelp

Boost Your Pet's Health With Kelp


Freeze dried kelp, seaweed, and algae are all things that could solve and prevent health problems in your dog or cat.  The diverse benefits include vitamins, Omega fatty acids, fibre, chlorophyll, possible anti tumor activity, and antioxidants. Natural Pet Foods carries a selection of freeze dried pet foods. Freeze Drying preserves the nutrition in the food while it makes it convenient and easy to add to food. This article will highlight some of the great benefits you can get by adding it to your pet's diet.



Kelp and algae are from a seperate kingdom of life from plants and animals. Irish Moss, Bladderwrack, and Dulse are other commonly used seaweeds you may see in pet food. This means they are a perfect way to get additional protein and Omega 3 fatty acids into your pet diet. But the benefits are great for any pet. Kelp is actually not a plant as some suppose, and is instead classified as multi cellular algae. Kelp can be 25% protein or more, and single celled algae like chlorella and spirulina can be as much as 65% protein. As you can see, kelp is actually just a kind of algae even though it looks like an aquatic plant.

seaweed kelp dogs pets



Besides protein,  Algae contain significant amounts of essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are of great benefit to brain health, coat shine, heart health, and are anti inflammatory. Anti Inflammatories can improve joint health in arthritic dogs and  brain health is especially important for a developing puppies brain but Omegas are fantastic for all ages of pets. When you see the words EPA and DHA that means you have the most powerful Omega 3s in that product.  Essential acids like these are commonly found in fish oil, but the original source of the Omega3s is actually the algae. Fish like salmon eat kelp/algae and absorb the nutrients from them. Therefore algae is actually the most pure source of Omega 3s. Some fish oils may even be rancid so you will avoid that problem entirely with freeze dried algae. And what's more is that Kelp and Algae are perfect additions to a vegan diet. Vegan diets can be good for dogs, but often enough they are a little short in Omegas, antioxidants, and green food. You can get all these things by adding algae to your dog's kibble. Usually they love the sea taste of kelp, but some algae is grown in steel tanks and has a neutral taste too. 


Kelp contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. Algae can be so complete in nutrition that a NASA scientist was able to live off the freeze dried powder alone. It has a high content of prebiotic fibre which is a substance that beneficial microbes in your pet's body will feed on. Iodine is also found in kelp and this can be beneficial to support and balance thyroid function. The thyroid produces the hormone thyroxine which regulates metabolism so if your dog is displaying symptoms like lethargy and hair loss it could be an indication of thyroid problems and the addition of iodine rich kelp could help out. Some types of Algae also contain Vitamin A and astaxanthin. Both of these things could help to protect eyesight, and astaxanthin may increase energy as well. 



Another awesome benefit of algae is its detoxifying power. It will actually bind to and neutralize toxic heavy metal. Algae also contains nutrients that can help to build a healthy liver - one of the main organs of detoxification in your pet's body. The high amounts of chlorophyll in algae promote more efficient liver function in converting toxic substances to less harmful substances. When there are less toxins in your pet's body, you can expect body and breath odour to improve significantly. Toxins are often a cause of these stinky smells. Algae has strong anti bacterial properties but seems to have limited anti fungal effect. 

Some types of algae like Chlorella contain high amounts of nucleic acid which can be used for cell repair. In the case of chlorella, this is termed Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. 

In summary, Kelp and Algae can provide diverse benefits for your pet at an affordable cost. Better coat health, brain function, cell regeneration, and detoxification are just a scoop of seaweed away.


You can find Kelp in our online store here  


Cranimals Detox - An antioxidant blast combo of seaweed and berries

Sold Gold SeaMeal - Seaweed for Skin and Coat , Digestive, Immune

Norwegian Sea Kelp 312g

Thrive Sea Kelp 350g

Brown Kelp Dental Chews for Dogs



 Links to webpages anti microbial activity of seaweed for further reading


Seaweed for Joint Health


Hemp Oil Benefits For Your Pet

Hemp Oil Benefits For Your Pet

 Don't worry it's not marijuana -- it's Hemp for your pet!


Many of you may have reservations about using Hemp to help your pet so we want to clear up the biggest misconception about hemp right away.

 Hemp is not Marijuana! It has very low amounts of the psychoactive compound THC so your pet will not get high off of it.

CBD is short for cannibidiol and could have therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions. These conditions include epilepsy, cancer, and mobility issues (arthritis). Research is ongoing but there are encouraging results so far. Many animals have receptors for compounds in Hemp so we believe that it is a natural component of their diet. 

 First a little about the general makeup of the hemp seed. Hemp is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. It can contribute to things like healthy brain function and a shiny coat, just like regular Omegas from other sources.  It is a great source of protein, and also many other nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zince, and even Vitamin D3.  In addition hemp powder has fibre that could benefit digestion. 

We have two great options for adding Hemp to your pet's diet. Firstly we have the hemp powder which is surprisingly affordable and with its nutty flavour will be an easy addition to a meal. You can find it in our online store here  on sale now for just $9.99

There is also  hemp oil available which is much more concentrated. You can buy it in our online store at

With all the nutritional benefits of Hemp, it's pretty hard to go wrong feeding it to your pets. 



Mushroom Benefits For Your Pet - Canine Matrix Healthy Pet On Sale Now!

Mushroom Benefits For Your Pet - Canine Matrix Healthy Pet On Sale Now!


Mushrooms for your pet? Sounds a little crazy but wait to hear about the benefits!

Sounds a little out there doesn't it? But mushrooms really do have some amazing and unique benefits for your pet! We are going to tell you about a few of them.

The number one reason to include mushrooms in our book is because of it's remarkable immune boosting power. The Reishi mushroom, which has been described in Eastern culture as the mushroom of immortality, is one we point out on products all the time. It really is amazing in several different ways. Research has shown that it can boost the immune system's productions of Natural Killer cells which help to hunt down and destroy cancers and harmful bacteria. Beyond this it's possible that Reishi could balance immune function. One of our store employees had great success controlling an immune dysfunction with her cat. Reishi also has a high amount of antioxidants for a mushroom, and also like other mushrooms has fibre that can cleanse the digestive tract. Those fibres are also prebiotic, which means that they feed the friendly bacteria that support immune function and digestion. 

We have a couple of different product options if you want to introduce some immune boosting Reishi into your pet's diet.  Firstly we have the Healthy Pet  100 % Organic Mushroom powder supplement. This blend of mushrooms like Reishi and Turkey Tail will support healthy immune function as well as providing Prebiotic Fibre to support healthy populations of friendly bacteria in the gut. You can easily mix it in with wet food, or mix with water in your pet's kibble.

On Sale now !   $34.99

 You can find this in our online store at

Secondly we have the Healthy Pet Immune Booster. Easy to add into food because it's a liquid, this formula combines Reishi with immune and energy boosting ingredients to help your pet cope with an illness. It comes in both large and small size bottles and is suitable for either cats or dogs. You can find it in our online store at


We think you will find that mushrooms deliver big benefits for a very affordable price!

Here's Why Royal Canin Isn't Worth Paying For

Here's Why Royal Canin Isn't Worth Paying For


Are you paying lots of dollars for this brand of food? There are some good reasons why you shouldn’t.  

When Natural Pet Foods opened up years ago in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Westboro, Royal Canin was one of the best brands we could stock. Since then though, there have been huge improvements in the quality of pet foods and an explosion in the number of brands available to customers. Royal Canin has not improved much though. It's expensive and not worth what pet owners are paying for it when much better pet foods are available.  Here's why. The ingredient list for Royal Canin Labrador Retriever dog food is as follows pulled off their website this day. 

Chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, brown rice, oat groats, brewers rice, barley, natural flavors, chicken fat, dried plain beet pulp, pea fiber, wheat gluten, pork meal, fish oil, vegetable oil, sodium silico aluminate, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, psyllium seed husk, salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, taurine, fructooligosaccharides, vitamins [DL-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), inositol, niacin supplement, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), D-calcium pantothenate, biotin, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin A acetate, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement], L-lysine, choline chloride, glucosamine hydrochloride, trace minerals [zinc proteinate, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, copper proteinate], L-carnitine, marigold extract (Tagetes erecta L.), tea, chondroitin sulfate, rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

When we look at the ingredient list this Royal Canin dog food the first ingredient is chicken byproduct on an ingredient list we looked up on April 26th 2018. This means they are likely  using cheap non-human grade parts of the chicken. The stuff that wouldn't go into grocery store packages of chicken for humans and isn't on the ingredient list of any pet foods we sell.

This is how wikipedia defines chicken byproducts. 

 "Poultry by-product meal (PBM) is a high-protein commodity used as a major component in some pet foods. It is made from grinding clean, rendered parts of poultry carcasses and can contain bones, offal and undeveloped eggs, but only contains feathers that are unavoidable in the processing of the poultry parts."

And from the PetMd website

"By-products (for example, chicken by-products or beef by-products): clean non-rendered "parts", other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, blood, bone, fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents."

Things that are rendered are considered unfit for consumption by humans and can taste bad to pets. This can sometimes require pet foods to be sprayed with fats or salted excessively. In the case of Royal Canin the salt shouldn't even be on the ingredient list. It is very hard for an animal being fed a good diet tro be salt deficient.

Another questionable ingredient on the Royal Canin Labrador Retriever ingredient list is corn gluten meal. Despite it's name corn gluten meal is not a gluten. It's often a byproduct of processing corn is an inexpensive filler that bumps up protein levels in a pet food. For most pets the most digestible protein comes from high quality animal meat, fish  or eggs.  Even grocery store foods  are sometimes superior to Royal Canin. Ask yourself why you are shelling out $75 or more for something that shouldn't cost more than grocery store food. Or better yet ask yourself what's in Natural Pet Foods brands of pet foods. 

In our store we carefuly choose the brands we carry. We want a wide selection of pet foods that will allow all customers to find what they are looking for. There are no byproducts, cheap fillers, artificial flavors/preservatives, or Chinese produced rice etc. This is why Natural Pet Foods is your  trusted source. From the begining we wanted to have the healthiest possible choices for your pet.

What our foods do have is lots of high quality meat. Often times there are healthy natural fruits and vegetables. These superfoods have antioxidants that could slow down aging and have anti cancer effects.  This is why Natural Pet Foods is your  trusted source. From the begining we wanted to have the healthiest possible choices for your pet.

These natural sources of antioxidants are almost totally absent in Royal Canin dog food. No surprise there because they are trying to make their food cheaply and things like berries and spinach are expensive. The ingredient list of Royal Canin Dog Food makes a tiny mention of marigold extract and tea at the end of the ingredient list but this is really ridiculous because the ingredients at the end are the LEAST heavy by weight in the pet food kibble when we looked at it.

If you buy Royal Canin for your pet you should be asking yourself 

"How healthy would I be if all I ate was chicken byproduct, corn gluten meal, and synthetic vitamins?"

It would be no surprise if a person on that diet has cancer so why should it be a surprise if this diet caused health problems. Many people are lured in by the breed specific bags like the Labrador Retriever bag we looked at. The reality is that the small differences in these foods should not be very significant. 

In our online store we carry some of the top rated pet foods like Orijen, Acana, Fromm, Natural Balance, Boreal and Pulsar. These companies often own their factories and are very conscientious about the quality of the ingredients that go into making their kibble. There have been very few recalls of these brands in contrasts to cheap foods made at facilities where cross contamination from other brands produced there is possible.

Our store is online and you can simply search for the right result. We highly suggest the Orijen 6 Fish Lines for it's superior Omega 3s and joint support ingredients, as well as it's high inclusions of whole fish from sustainable sources.

Just for comparison check out just a few of the ingredients in the Fromm Chicken A La Veg for dogs formula


Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pearled Barley, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes,Brown Rice, White Rice, Dried Whole Egg, Menhaden Fish Meal, Millet,Chicken Fat, Dried Tomato Pomace,Safflower Oil, Herring Meal, Cheese,Flaxseed, Carrots, Broccoli,Cauliflower, Apples, Green Beans,Chicken Cartilage, Potassium Chloride, Cranberries, Blueberries,

Looks just like what you would eat dosn't it? And it should because your pet is a member of your family and should eat just as well as  you.

Check out some of our great natural pet foods  in our online store at




All Natural Bug Spray Now Available!

All Natural Bug Spray Now Available!


maya , summer, bugspray 

Annoying Insects!!!

Nothing ruins a pleasant hike for you and your pet quite like an annoying cloud of mosquitoes or black flies.What was supposed to be a fun can get turned into torture by bugs relentless biting. Bug season is almost upon us here and we have an outdoor herbal spray that could make life much easier for your pet... without any synthetic chemicals. Our favorite herbalist makes a wide range of products that work on a variety of conditions, and the Outdoor Herbal Spray is one that sells consistently every year. Made of an alcohol free combination of witch hazel and a propritetary blend of essential plant oils, this All Natural Spray could be a safe way to reduce those nasty bug bites. 

We have read anecdotal that witch hazel will both repel insects and soothe existing bites from them. If you have any doubts that plant essential oil can be effective then have a look at this study that showed catnip oil (one of several oils registered with the EPA as a mosquito detterent) could 10X as effective as the chemical DEET.

DEET has been linked to neurological problems in humans so it may be something you want to avoid putting on your pet. You also want to limit your use of ANY chemicals on your puppy as they still have developing systems. In humans DEET is not recommended for use on infants comparatively. 

Essential oils are plants natural defence against biting insects that would devour them so you know you have millions of years of evolution on your side with this strategy. You will have to reapply every few hours but studies have shown that essential oils can be as effective as chemicals.

Be prepared with Outdoor Herbal Spray available in our online store. This potent mix of essential oils features neem, lemon grass, and cinnamon. 


It's available in our online store here









Essential oils are plants natural defence against biting insects which would otherwise devour them so you know you have millions of years of evolution on your side. 

Almo Nature Pet Food Will Be Owned By The Animals!

Almo Nature Pet Food Will Be Owned By The Animals!


Are you looking for a company truly does something for animals? Almo Nature has been extraordinary in this department. And now they have gone another big step forward. In 2018, Almo will become a non profit owned by the animals!

Like Natural Pet Foods, Almo Nature has always been in business for the animals first. Natural Pet Foods was one of the first stores selling exclusively high quality pet foods with no chemicals or artificial preservatives. Likewise, Almo Nature was one of the first pet foods made exclusively with human grade ingredients and setting new standards for the industry. Natural Pet Foods business grew in the city of Ottawa, and competing businesses have copied it's vision to make pet's lives better by only selling healthy pet foods.

Almo Nature is pursuing several projects with the aim of improving pet's live. "A Pet Is For Life" is a program that aims to reduce abandonment of pets. Almo also donates 1 million meals to pets in need, and is actively trying to improve animal protection laws in Europe. 

From January 1st, all profits will be donated to the Italian charity Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation). The sole purpose of the foundation is the defence of dogs and cats in general and the protection of biodiversity. 

The words of the company's founder  Pier Giovanni Capellino illustrate the foundation's philosophy very well:

"It all started living together with my cats Shabbat and Chocolat, and dogs Shang, “Dottor Salento” and Yanga.
The fact that I can look at things “from their point of view” is thanks to them — which may seem obvious, but it’s not.
Especially Dottor Salento, who is always by my side, work and otherwise…he is the one who first inspired our philosophy, and then the products, with his attitude and gestures. He was the mind… I just gave his ideas a voice.”
Quite inspiring isn't it? Animals are Natural Pet Foods inspiration too so we love to sell products that contribute to their well being. 
We carry a full line of their canned food with great flavours like Tuna and Cheese, Chicken Breast in Broth, Tuna and Shrimp, and many more. They come in convenient 2.47 ounce cans that allow them to be added as a complement to their regular foods. Almo canned food are complements to a regular diet since they do not additions of synthetic vitamins. The philosophy behind added these cans to a diet is that they can be rotated between flavours allowing for a variety of nutrients from different protein sources. Plus it will make dinner time more interesting. We highly recommend the Chicken Breast in Broth. When you open a can you will see that it looks just like what you would put in a sandwhich. Truly human grade!
You can find the Almo line of food in our online store here. Well worth checking out a few and finding out what your cat really likes. 
Hard to Destroy Toys.... Our Picks!

Hard to Destroy Toys.... Our Picks!


Toys are a very important thing. They satisfy your dog's instinct to chew, are mentally stimulating, and provide play. But some dogs are such good chewers that owners can really use advice on which toys will last the longest and provide the best value. 

The best recommendations come from you the customer of course... So here are some of the best picks. 


 Westpaw dog toys are known to be fun and hard to destroy too. Always a reputable pick for a hard to destroy toy.



Mega Last Toys - One of our customers told us that his dog could destroy any toy. We suggested he try out the Mega Last toys and a couple of weeks he came back and told us his dog couldn't get through it! We highly recommend the Holee Roller Ball. Our store manager tells us that she loves buying the Holee Roller for her dog Henry because when she throws them in the snow they will stay on top rather than sinking. That plus they are so tough she has had them for years :)

It's tough but bouncy too! In our online store here


Kong - One of the most well known and oldest names in tough dog toys. The classic. They are really tough, but still have an erratic bounce to chase after. You can stuff them with treats or kibble too keeping your dog busy for hours!

The Kong Extreme is stronger than the classic so we suggest it. Here's the link to buy it today


Beco Ball - Made in Great Britain, nicely Vanilla scented, and composed of environmentally friendly rice husk and rubber. These are a great pick for your dog's chewing needs. 

Check them out in our online store here


Planet Dog - This is a great quality manufacturer. One of our staff's friends told us her friend's pit bull couldn't destroy the Orbee Tough ball!

Planet dog makes toys that are both tough and environmentally responsible. The Planet Dog Foundation raises money for important issues!

You can find the Orbee Tough balls  in our online store here


So what's your tough toy story? We would love to hear your testimonials so we can share them with everybody. Drop us a line at







Joint Issues?

Joint Issues?

Is your dog having a little more trouble getting up the stairs than usual? Or maybe a bit more stiff getting out of bed? If so, maybe it's time to check out Natural Pet Foods fantastic selection of joint health products. Chances are we have what you are looking for. Our complete selection includes powders, tablets, and liquids that can rebuild and protect joints giving your dog new vitality. They have the raw materials that act like building blocks, and reduce inflammation in tired, injured, or aging bodies .

If it's is time to start supplementing them with a good quality supplement. Laura would tell you that you should supplement way before this point. At what point, you might ask. A bigger dog ideally should start around 4 - 5 years old.

I have a few favorites based on my experience with our own dogs (5 of whom are aged 9 -  17) and our horses, two of whom are in their thirties.

My more recent favorite is Tri-Acta HA. I find this product easy to administer as it is powder that easily mixes into wet food and seems to have no taste. It is extremely effective. My old Arabian mare, Gailen, who is 32 years old takes Tri-Acta daily in her feed. She is the most difficult patient you could ever want, and even turns her nose up at apples and sweetfeed when medication is involved! One of the big things about Tria-Acta is that it is a very concentrated source of glucosomine so you don't need to add much into your pet's food, and also it has two different types of glucosomine in the formula. 

Next on my list would be WellyTails, a product made in Ontario. Comes in large and super large formats which is great for big dogs, or multi-dog households. WellyTails has green lipped mussels, which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. It is a huge variety of properties, including anti-inflammatory. It is easy to feed, and can be made into a gravy.

Recovery is another great product and it comes in chewable tablet or powder format. It also comes in dog or horse formula. Recovery is unique in that it is a vegetarian source of glucosamine. It is also Canadian! Personally, I like to rotate between Recovery and Tri-acta for both dogs and horses. Recovery also contains Vitamin C which is important in the formation of collagen.

DGP or Dog Gone Pain is a long-standing favorite as it seems to work best to act as pain relief as well as mobility aid. It has special Australian herbs and is amazing for arthritis. This little jar of 60 tablets is priced at a point that could compete with veterinary anti inflammatories without the side effects. We have seen the positive benefits with our own senior dog. 

joint Health for pets

Raw Paw's Green Lipped Mussel is another favorite of ours. Anyone with a dog with hip issues should consider Raw Paw. This jar of green powdered Mussel packs a powerful mix of glucosomine and antioxidants and is all-natural. This company is Canadian; however, the product is sourced in New Zealand. This is important because New Zealand mussels contain especially potent antioxidants absorbed from plankton that travel the Antarctic seas. They need the antioxidant protection because of the harsh ultra violet light there, and thus the protection gets passed on to the mussels!

Last is Omega Alpha's two products: Glucosapet and Sinew-x (equine). Glucosapet is good if it is early stages, or as a preventative. It is also Canadian! Glucosapet is easy to administer because it is liquid and can even be syringed fed. Omega Alpha gets their ingredients raw and processes them into a liquid that can easily be added to dry or wet food.

Why not give one of these products a try? They are affordable and could improve the quality of life for your pet. Maybe even allowing them to live more comfortably for years beyond what they could have without them! Our staff will be happy to answer questions about them or get the information you need. My experience is that any of these products will help tremendously to lesson the mobility issues of your pet. 

Natural Pet Foods Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Natural Pet Foods Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and you may be wondering what to buy your pet(s) or the pet people in your life. Luckily Natural Pet Foods has tons of great gifts for just about anyone! 

One of my all time favourite gifts is "Little Treasures" breed specific statues. These gorgeous dogs or cats have a cute little miniature on a necklace inside.

If you are looking for pet gifts we are definitely the place to shop with 100's of half price toys for dogs and cats. We have brands like Aussie, Kong, Kyjen Outward Hound, Jakks, Rogz and more for prices 50-90% off.

We have a ginormous treat wall with great stocking stuffers 50-90% off. one of my favourite treats for the dogs are the JW Slide 'n Treat toys that you can load with JW treats for only $1.99. 

Some other great gifts for pets include a new bed ( check our half price beds), an uuses and Merricks on sale), a new collar or leash! We have a big selection of China mugs, artwork, scarves and bags if you want to surprise someone with a unique pet-lover gift.

Kong Tropics Mouse:

Curry Comb:


Kong Charmed Shapes:

Rollover Super Beef Chews:

Gray's Horse Sports Mugs:

Nature's Miracle Orthopedic Bed:

Petmate Fashion Pillow:

Merrick Fresh Kisses:

Conair Pro Safety Shears:

RC Skyline Jacket:

RC Westcoast Rain Wear:

Canine Equipment Leash:

Circle T Leather Lead:

Coco Therapy Coconut Oil:

Superior Triple Thread Halter:

Chilly Dog Jackets:

Classy Kitty Double Condo:

Benny Bully's:

Classy Kitty Round House Climber:

Beanie Babies:

Melissa & Doug Plush Toy: