A.T. buddy Bottle - Pink - for Large Dogs SALE

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$7.99 CAD 

The most vital of all nutrients, water is a necessary component of almost every biological process in your dog's body. It is therefore crucial to ensure that our four-legged friends have access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times. This is especially true when engaging in physical activity or when venturing out to enjoy warmer weather. While it is seemingly easy to keep your dog hydrated at home, this task becomes far more difficult when you're on the go. The Animal Treasures Buddy Bottle is the perfect solution!
The Buddy Bottle is a portable water delivery system designed for active pets and their owners. Its innovative, hand-held design features a durable plastic water bottle with flow-control valve, and an integrated drinking tray. Simply lift the bottle into upright position to trigger the flow valve and fill the dispenser tray with fresh water. When not in use, the drinking tray folds up to become a protective bottle guard and the flow valve remains sealed to prevent leakage, spills, and backwash. Last but not least, a handy carrying strap allows you to keep the Buddy Bottle within reach at all times. The Buddy Bottle is perfect for walks, hikes, camping, car rides, trips to the beach, and more. Get yours today!
Large: 11.75" x 3" x 3"

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