Almo Nature - HQS - Mackerel With Sweet Potato and gravy 2.47 oz CASE


$37.00 $40.00

Pre-cooked HQS natural and sustainable ingredients served in their own broth

Almo Nature Complete Mackerel Recipe with Sweet Potatoes in Gravy Canned Cat Food combines the two delicious flavours of mackerel and sweet potato in savoury gravy to create a morsel of food that is both natural, nutritious and complete. Wild-caught mackerel is selected from premium cuts of human-grade, high-quality and hormone-free with fresh sweet potatoes. This formula is high in protein to provide a diet that is similar to what cats would eat in the wild. It contains many essential vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Almo has left out all by-products and supplements, so you can be sure that your cat is getting the healthiest, most natural diet possible. Almo Nature Complete is a balanced meal, but It is recommended to rotate with other flavours so that cats eat a variety of different flavours and protein sources.

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