Antler Chewz Original Senior Chewz

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$14.99 CAD 

SeniorChewz™ for Older Dogs

They have given you love and loyalty their whole life. But now, your senior dog may run a little slower, bark a little softer and just not play around quite as much as he/she used to. It’s just a little bit harder to keep up with you. Getting old doesn’t mean giving up the little things.

In order to remain healthy and vibrant older dogs need excellent nutrition, exercise, social activity and his / her favourite chew toy. For very old dogs it becomes challenging to find a chew toy that will not only catch their attention but keep it.

As a dog ages, he/she gets lazier about chewing his food and playing with dog chews. He/she may develop a preference for softer food. He/she may give only a few half-hearted nudges to the toys and bones he/she once gnawed on happily for hours. Why? Because they need a softer dog chew.

I need a little more TLC

Senior dogs are not as excited about chewing on bones or toys. Often, older dogs tend to have more problems with tooth loss, gum disease and dental conditions that may make chewing hard objects painful or irritating to the dog.

The problem is that the more they avoid chewing the worse the dental condition will get. Chewing helps to remove tartar and keep gums and teeth strong, actually providing and promoting better oral health.

SeniorChewz™ is a softer antler dog chew for older dogs

SeniorChewz uses a part of antler that is the softest, so it's not as hard on dog's teeth. They can chew without pain and irritation. SeniorChewz™ are gentle on the teeth and gums and can actually be soothing for the older dog.

The 5.5-6" long antler chew is split so your dog can access the soft marrow inside. Every bite releases the calcium, phosphorous and other natural minerals that your older dog needs to support his/her health.

Taking care of your senior dog is a reward of its own; it’s buying them the best antler dog chew and giving them back what they have given you their whole life.

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