Armstrong © Devotion - Yummy Balance - Hamster & Gerbil Blend 9.07 kg


$44.99 CAD 


Yummy Balance Hamster And Gerbil Blend is a delicious blend of all the preferred healthy grains, seeds, nuts and pellets along with the yummiest fruits, vegetables and treats. Beyond its yumminess, this blend is scientifically fortified with MOS and FOS (as well as natural ginger) to support healthy digestion, betaine and chamomile for stress reduction, L-carnitine for optimal fat utilization, and even cranberry extract for urinary tract health. In addition, it also contains an omega 6/omega 3 ratio of 1.5: 1 and lecithin for a softer coat and healthier skin. It is also important to note that there is less cage odour due to the addition of yucca extract, a natural digestive aid. This recipe of seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables and pellets – plus good functional scientific support – is a formula for a fun, long, healthy life for pets.

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