Bach Flowers for Quietude

MJM Pets

$28.99 CAD 

Quietude for pets, Bach Flowers helps to maintain emotional balance for your 4-legged companion.

Quietude Elixir is recommended for animals that are stressed, anxious because of a situation: changes in routine, moving, arrival of a new animal, confinement … In most cases, the result in changes are in their eating habits, sleep patterns, but also in excessive licking.

Bach flowers for pets are natural remedies. Elixirs & Co remained true to the original preparation method invented by Dr Bach and described in his writings. Bach flower essences are produced in an artisanal manner from wild flowers picked on several pristine sites throughout France. Veterinary health product (dogs, cats & horses ...).

Contains Organic Bach flowers help restore calm and peace:

  • Clematis: to regain his senses.
  • Star of Bethléhem: to offset impact (s).
  • Rock Water: to have a more flexible and nuanced behavior.
  • Rock Rose: to overcome terror and panic.
  • Impatient: to soothe nervousness and suffering.
  • Vervain: to return to the peace and quiet.
  • Cherry Plum: to regain self-control.

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