Baci+ BUCO Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

MJM Pets

$47.99 CAD 

Helps prevent and reduce:

  Bad breath




  • 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral health problems from a young age. 
  • Food residue (saburra) and certain oral bacteria cause PLAQUE to form.
  • Due to calcium deposits, the plaque hardens, forming TARTAR.
  • Some anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, which are naturally present, cause bad breath (halitosis) by emitting sulphur-containing compounds.
  • Another group of oral anaerobic bacteria, Porphyromonas, produce a destructive enzyme (protease) called GINGIPAIN.
  • GINGIPAIN attacks and reduces the natural defences of the gums, damages the oral cavity and increases the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, causing bad breath and PLAQUE. This affects the health of the gums and can eventually lead to tooth loss.


  • Made to specifically target the GINGIPAIN enzyme 
  • Quick-acting
  • Natural and safe, with no aftertaste
  • Easy to use


Add 1 pouch per day to your pet’s food. Use twice a week after the 56-day period to maintain health

IMPORTANT: The contents of the pouch have to be evenly mixed with the animal’s total daily food, as it needs to be ingested with every bite.

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