Bailey Better Bags – 100% Compostable – 120 Pack

MJM Pets


The Bailey Better Bags do-do better than those  ‘green’ plastic bags. 100% compostable and plant-based bags are perfect for litter scoops, doggy poops and organic waste.

Each set of bags are designed to turn into soil in as early as 90 days in compost, they’ll even start to break down after 90 days when discarded in the trash. They’re unlike traditional plastic bags and even better than dissolvable “plastic free” PVA bags. They’re even better than recyclable plastic bags, biodegradable bags and even common 67% compostable bags.

Yellow is the new green. Bailey Bags are designed to entirely break down into soil leaving no microplastics behind because they aren’t made of plastic.

Why cat and dog lovers choose the Bailey Better Bag:

  • Begins turning into soil after 90 days in compost.
  • Easy-tie handles
  • 100% Compostable
  • 5 microns thicker than common eco-friendly bags
  • Leakproof and durable
  • Naturally unscented (as recommended by veterinarians)
  • Made in small batches
  • Printed with eco-friendly ink

The world can’t afford  cheap plastic bags. Switch to 100% compostable bags and let’s do-do better.

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