Baxter & Bella Brush - Pin Brush


$9.99 CAD 

Baxter & Bella Pin & Bristle Brush is the perfect grooming accessory for your feline friend. Combining both the Pin and Bristle brush to aid with removing tangles, debris and loose hair while redistributing the oil in your cats' fur while smoothing the coat out. The brush is comfortable to hold thanks to its non-slip, ergonomic handle for a fun and pleasant grooming experience. This features wire pins with a comfort coating on one side to brush and loosen minor tangles. On the other side, bristles that distribute nature oils to keep the coat healthy. This compact brush is great for cats. A perfect “start to finish” brush.

  • Pin and bristle brush combo for cats
  • Aids with removing tangles, debris and loose hair
  • redistributes the oil in your cat's fur and smooths fur out
  • Uses a non-slip, ergonomic handle

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