Benny Bully's Liver Chops


$7.49 CAD 

  1. Made from a single ingredient - pure beef liver
  2. No added fillers, additives, coloring, or preservatives!
  3. With calcium & phosphorus for strong teeth & bones
  4. Contains natural fiber for optimal digestion
  5. Contains natural vitamins for healthy skin & coat
  6. An innovative cutting and drying process was developed as an alternative to conventional food preservatives, making Benny Bully's Liver Chops one of the few "no chemicals added" treats on the market today. Each piece is thin sliced and specially sized to provide maximum palatability. Benny Bully's pure natural fillets of beef liver offer your pet full true flavor. Hand selected from government inspected meat sections for the health conscious pet owner. Healthy and holistic! 

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