Black Sheep Organics Toothpaste for Dogs

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$15.99 CAD 


As animal lovers, we are committed to ensuring that our production process involves absolutely no animal testing. We pledge to end animal testing forever and our products are certified by Leaping Bunny. We also make regular donations to animal rights associations and shelters.

Made with the right amount of organic peppermint essential oil and coconut oil for dogs, our best-selling dog toothpaste is naturally deodorizing to fight dog bad breath and dog teeth tartar. A small amount goes a long way. A grain size to a pea size amount each use. You won't believe your dogs' breath could smell this good!

Certified Organic Ingredients

Calcium carbonate - gently abrasive to clean plaque and tartar

Vegetable glycerin - sweetener, keeps paste moist

Coconut oil* - saponified, organic coconut soap, antibacterial

Peppermint essential oil* - antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorizing

*Certified organic


Safety of your pets as our priority. Black Sheep Organics natural limited ingredient dog toothpaste care for those pets with sensitive oral conditions, and prevent your dog from synthetic chemicals harm. Certified organic and natural ingredients to bring an hypoallergenic brushing experience and maximum comfort.

A Fresh Breath Both You and Your Dog Love

Organic coconut oil and peppermint oil brings a natural & fresh flavor which is well accepted by pets and their owners. A better brushing experience and a stronger pet-owner bond.

Every aspect of our manufacturing process takes place close to home, by people we know, earning a living wage. This means not only are we avoiding the environmental impact of shipping our products long distances, we're also investing in our local communities. We're continually looking for ways to reduce our footprint, from choosing recycled and recyclable packaging to creating biodegradable products from non toxic ingredients.


A healthy planet is a passion of ours, so we've made sure all of our products are non hazardous meaning when our shampoo goes down your drain, it won't harm any wildlife like many other products as it makes it's way to our water system. The fish and whales will surely thank you! This also means you can take it camping with you!


All of our packaging, from bottles and lids to shipping cartons and void filler are either recyclable, recycled or re-used. We make the environment a priority in every decision.

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