Bullwrinkles Xlarge Bully Sticks Dog 12in 1 pack


$13.49 CAD 

New size! 12″ Extra Large Bullwrinkles Bully Sticks.

Bullwrinkles are high quality bully sticks also known as pizzles, made in Canada from Federally inspected and licensed suppliers. They are dried naturally with no additives and no preservatives, just 100% beef. Your dog will enjoy a long lasting chew and one of the most pleasurable chewing treats ever. Bullwrinkles are high protein, low fat treats. Dog’s cannot resist!

These bully sticks are 12″ long and thicker than the Large size; approximately the diameter of a nickel. They last much longer than any of the other Bullwrinkles; better for larger dogs and tougher chewers.


Made in Canada.

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