Catit Adjustable Breakaway Nylon Collar with Rivets - Pink and White with Ladybugs - 20-33 cm (8-13 in)


$10.99 CAD 

Catit Collars are made from snag-proof nylon weave that will not shrink or tighten when snagged or scratched by cats. The Adjustable Breakaway Collar includes a safe breakaway buckle design that releases your cat when their collar becomes caught, preventing accidents. These collars are not suitable for use with tie-outs. Catit Collars are available in fun colors and patterns.

Key Features :

  • Snag-proof nylon weave
  • Adjustable breakaway collar
  • Safe breakaway buckle
  • Designed to release cats if collar becomes caught
  • Not suitable use with tie-outs
  • Available in fun colors and patterns
  • Includes rivets
  • Color: Pink and White with Ladybugs
  • Size: 20-33 cm (8-13 in)

Collar sizing :

To ensure a proper fit, leave enough room so that two fingers can slip in between your cat's neck and collar. The collar fit should be checked regularly to ensure that the sizing has not changed due to wear.

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