Catit Divine Shreds - Tuna with Chicken & Wakame in Jelly - 4 x 85 g Cans


$7.99 CAD 

  • Hydrating supplementary wet food in jelly
  • Rich in protein, low in calories
  • Easily digestible and grain-free
  • Includes 4 servings of 3 oz (12 oz total)

Delicious tuna shreds in savoury jelly

Our delicious Catit Divine Shreds recipes are now also available in jelly, to be served as a complementary dish rich in succulent fish.
Each shrink wrapped set of Divine Shreds in Jelly includes 4 individual cans, each containing a 3 oz. serving.

Grain-free recipes

Have your cat enjoy easily digestible, low-carb meals without grain.

A feast of flavours and textures

Catit Divine Shreds are scrumptiously tender shreds of chicken or tuna with flavourful veggies, served in jelly.

Convenient portion-sized cans

Catit Divine Shreds are packed in compact, portion-sized cans that are easy to stack and store.

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