Chuckit Sport 14 S Assorted Color


$15.79 CAD 

    The ultimate toy for the pet who loves to fetch.  This awesome toy allows you and your dog to bond over a series of unique toys that float, bounce, whistle or glow.  How does it work?  Well Chuckit! comes with a ball and launcher that ranges in size.  You place the ball in a pocket built into the arm and launch the ball by using a throwing motion as you would normally.  This tool easily will throw the ball double the distance you are capable of throwing it with your arm alone.  All the launchers have an ergonomic grip, allow for slobber free ball pick up, provide exercise in a fraction of the time and come in a variety of colors.  A great addition to any toy arsenal, however it is a must for dogs that get their greatest thrill from playing fetch!

    Indoor and Outdoor versions available.

    • Ultra Compact
    • Exercise in a fraction of the time
    • Great for a smaller space
    • Use with small ball

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