Chuckit! Sport 25 M Ball & Launcher Assorted Color


$25.99 CAD 

With its high performance control grip handle you'll use the Chuckit! SPORT 25M Medium Ball Dog Toy to throw the ball two to three times further than you can alone (depending on which model you choose). Plus it picks up tennis balls tossed into mud or water during games of fetch. Watch as this easy-to-use toy takes flight and sends your canine companion on a joyous journey to retrieve it. Interactive toys strengthen the bond between pet and Pet Parent, while keeping your dog active and entertained.

Features: Ergonomic grip and no-slobber, hands-free pickup
Includes: 1 Sport Launcher Toy, 1 Ball
Intended For: Dogs
Activity: Fetch
Size: Medium, Sport 25
Compatible With: Small, Medium, and Large Chuckit! Balls
Dimensions: 3.75" L x 3.75" W x 25" H

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