Comfort Zone MultiCat Diffuser for Cats Kittens (2Pack)


$91.99 CAD 

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  • #1 Brand in Pet Behavior Management
  • Proven to reduce multi-cat tension and conflict in 88% of homes
  • May help to reduce urine marking and limit destrucitve scratching
  • New & improved diffusion system and formula
  • Drug free, unscented refill lasts up to 30 days and covers 1 room
  • The Comfort Zone MultiCat Diffuser is one of the best solutions for behavior issues between multiple cats. Using a specifically designed pheromone formula, this diffuser plugs into any standard wall outlet and releases a solution mimicking that of a mother catrsquo;s pheromone at birth, helping to calm cats that arenrsquo;t getting along. Fighting, scratching, urinating all of these behaviors can be caused when two or more cats get territorial while living together. The pheromone technology used by the Comfort Zone MultiCat Diffuser helps calm this destructive behavior so your cats can get along peacefully. One diffuser covers a room for 30 days. Place one in each room where your cats frequent the most or in every room of the house for total coverage. Due to its effectiveness and easeofuse, a diffuser is an excellent choice for reducing feline behavior issues. Each diffuser covers one room and lasts 30 days Pheromone mimics that of a mother catrsquo;s at birth Reduces conflict between multiple cats Calms destructive behavior

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