Liquid Vet - Kidney & Bladder Support for Cats


$17.29 CAD 

Liquid-Vet Support Feline Kidney & Bladder Formulas

  • Get Your Cat Using the Litter Box Again
  • Electrolytes PLUS Glucosamine to Balance Potassium Levels AND Protect Urinary Tract
  • Tastier, Easier, & Faster to Feed than Pills, Sprinkles, or Pastes
  • Available in Your Cat’s Choice of Delicious Chicken or Real Seafood Flavors
  • 100% Made in the USA united_states_of_america

Does your cat seem to have problems making it to the litter box? Does he or she push those hard to feed sprinkle type supplements to the bottom of the bowl? Then, Liquid-Vet® Support Feline Kidney & Bladder Formulas are the answer.

Liquid-Vet® Support Feline Kidney & Bladder Formulas are TASTIER, EASIER TO USE, and FASTER than pill, sprinkle, or paste supplements, therefore quickly rehydrates and stimulates your cat’s appetite. Liquid-Vet® Feline Formulas are the only products available in a choice of natural flavors for picky pets or those pets that may have allergies to specific proteins.

Simply dose during meal time once a day with no mixing required. It’s that easy!

Plus, Liquid-Vet® Support Feline Kidney & Bladder Formulas are GUARANTEED in 2 WEEKS or YOUR MONEY BACK! And how about safety? Liquid-Vet® is manufactured at our own plant located in the U.S.A., using materials only from our qualified U.S.A. Based Suppliers.


Ingredients (per 2 tsp serving):
334 mg Glucosamine
10 mg Potassium Citrate
9 mg Sodium Citrate
20 mg Sodium Chloride


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