Cooler Dog Pup Up Shade Oasis


$99.99 CAD 

"Whether long-haired or short-haired, your furry
family member, like us, is succeptible to harmful UV rays. Our Pup-Up Shade Oasis is designed to block out 98% of the rays, so you can rest assured they’re staying safe, while they can rest easy in a shaded and ventilated space. It’s even designed to accommodate our Hydro Cooling Mats so your precious pooch can remain shaded and cool*.All dogs can be susceptible to overheating and the potential harmful effects of over-exposure to the sun and UV rays. Short-nosed breeds and dark colored dogs may be more vulnerable to the heat, while thin coated and light colored dogs are more prone to sunburn and sun related illness as well." 27x19.5x20in

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