Cranimals Original

MJM Pets

$23.99 CAD 

Cranimals™ whole food supplements offer proprietary ingredients that you won’t find in any other pet health product. Our cat, dog and puppy supplements deliver a powerful blend of cranberry, red raspberry, blueberry and algae extracts which contain thousands of potent antioxidants - nature’s best defense against disease and aging. Our innovative home test kits allow you to identify urinary tract infections, diabetes and poor kidney function/ failure in your cat or dog at home- quickly, economically and accurately.
Our supplements are formulated using simple but powerful ingredients, culled from the latest research in nutritional medicine, and work on the basis of nutrient synergy. What’s nutrient synergy ? It’s the concept that certain select nutrients impart maximum benefit when delivered in a “team”, compared to on their own or with the wrong nutrient mix. Not all nutrients work this way- the ones we have chosen in our supplements have been shown to work together in this synergistic manner, to deliver as much benefit as possible to our furry consumers. We use only food grade, usually organic ingredients in our formulas, and directly oversee the manufacture of the fruit based extracts that are used in our supplements, ensuring traceability, sustainability and quality.
You won’t find added fillers, flow agents, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in any Cranimals product. Compare our ingredients listing for yourself. And lastly, our supplements have been used and trusted by holistic veterinarians in 4 countries (USA, Canada, Taiwan, UK) for a number of years - a testament to our world-class quality. Our products naturally help prevent and treat some of the most common pet health problems, for example, recurrent urinary tract infections and associated struvite stones and incontinence. An added bonus the use of our natural supplements is that they help veterinarians cut down on serious issues like antibiotic overuse and resulting bacterial resistance – a big plus to your pet, and quite frankly you and your family too.

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